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The West Klondike project is an area of 640 acres in Iberville Parish, Louisiana, USA.

The Wilberts Sons LLC #1 exploration well on the West Klondike Prospect in Louisiana drilled to its total depth of 10,900ft on 13 December 2012. Electric logs confirmed it as a discovery well with material net pay in 2 separate target horizons, with 4ft in the Lario sands, 6ft in the U Nod Blan and 35ft in the Nod Blan sands.

The well was successfully flow tested in May 2014 with oil recovered from the Lario sand, and gas flowed at over 2 Million cubic feet gas per day from the Lower Nod Blan. The well was suspended pending installation of production facilities. Due to the well site location and wet lands development approval requirements, it took until September 2014 to complete the installation of the production facilities and pipeline.

Due to non-participation by one of the JV partners in the facilities and pipeline program the Company has increased its contributing and beneficial interest to 11.4%. This increase will revert back to the original owner following 400% recovery of the incremental programs cost to Tamaska.

Commercial production commenced in September 2014 at a gross rate of approximately 2 million standard cubic feet per day from the Lower Nod Blan formation.

Electric logs of Wilbert Sons #1 indicated hydrocarbons in three reservoir horizons. An update on likely ranges of reservoir reserves will be provided once production data has been analysed. A summary of the characteristics of each reservoir is provided below:

In addition to the discovery made by Wilberts Sons LLC #1 exploration well there is larger, high pressure, prospect in the leased area that will require a separate deeper well. The target sands of this deeper feature (Bridas) have recently yielded a significant discovery approximately 2.5km to the North-East.

West Klondike Regional Map

West Klondike Regional Map