Duvernay & Rock Creek Shale Acerage Albert Canada

Tamaska through its subsidiary, Warren Energy, holds its Alberta Projects in joint venture (the Alberta Joint Venture or AJV) with Transerv Energy Ltd (ASX:TSV) and Mako Hydrocarbons Ltd (ASX:MKE). The Company holds a direct 8% interest in the Duvernay Shale Project and a 16% interest in the Rock Creek Oil Project. In addition, Warren holds an additional 8% interest in the Duvernay Shale Project under a trust arrangement for Perity Oil Ltd.

Since the initial acquisition Tamaska has partially sold down and farmed out the acreage to fund other activities. The initial partial sale announced in December 2011 recouping all of the initial investment. Subsequent sales funded exploration drilling at Lyons Point, Fusselman and West Klondike projects. The Company has netted over $3million in total sales before Tax.

Tamaska currently holds a direct interest in approximately 80 sections of the Duvernay Shale (TMK 8%) and Rock Creek lands (TMK 16%). As detailed in various releases, the group holds an additional 8% interest in the Duvernay Shale acreage on trust for Perity Oil Ltd, pursuant to the original acreage acquisition with Warren Energy Ltd. Perity Oil is controlled by the Warren Energy vendors, which include Mr Charles Morgan and Mr Brett Mitchell.

The Company continues to market the remaining acreage through agents.

Location of Rock Creek and Duvernay Shale Projects

Rock Creek Location